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No matter what people try to make you believe: The Pacer is a good daily driver and can cope with today's traffic easily. Nevertheless the youngest models are 20 years old and were built by a manufacturer that ceased to exist in 1987. The remnants of AMC are absorbed by DaimlerChrysler, but that doesn't mean that the Mercedes Classic Center plans to take care of the parts supply in the near future, and Chrysler doesn't, either, for that matter. They only sell the leftovers.

To save you from disappointment, I made this Buyers' Guide — many inquiries via e-mail indicated that there is an interest for it. I hope this doesn't mean I won't get any feedback any more. Please take the short time to tell me whether you liked it or not, and if there are any errors.

The complete Guide can now be downloaded as PDF file.

Buyers' Guide Extras and Originality Exhaust/Pollution Control Rear Supension Transmissoin Steering and Front Suspension Engine Body Contacts Prices Windows and Interior

[Contacts] [Pricing] [Windows and Interior] [Engine] [Body] [Extras and Originality] [Steering and Front Suspension] [Transmission] [Rear Suspension] [Exhaust/Pollution Control]

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