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This chapter is the first, because it is nearly impossible to keep a classic car on the road without connections to fellow aficionados, clubs and specialized vendors.
If you are in the United States, it should not be too difficult to find the right people. In Europe it's not as easy, although there are some clubs and a few vendors for AMC parts, mostly in Scandinavia and Switzerland. The links page shows you the most important sources of information on the internet. First of all, you should subscribe to the AMC mailing list and the Pacer list, where you can get advice from lots of competent and helpful experts. The AMC list has very high traffic (some 100 e-mails a day), but you can also get it in digest mode or just post to the list and read it online.

Clubs in Europe

Clubs in the USA

American Motors Owners Association

There are more clubs in the U.S., but these are either local or focused on other parts of the hobby, like racing or cars of the fifties. See Links.

Mailing Lists and Forums

AMC List (high traffic)

AMC Pacer Mailing List (low traffic)


A must for anyone who wants to work on his car is a repair manual, like a Chilton's or Clymer Shop Manual. Not bad for a start, but as soon as you want to do real work on the car, you need a TSM (technical service manual). The best source for such prints is, once again, the World Wide Web, e. g. Ebay.
There's a print magazine available for fans of America's independent manufacturers, especially AMC: AIM (American Independent Magazine).

Recommended AMC Literature:

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