AMC Pacer

Steering and Front Suspension



Most Pacers (in Europe most likely all) were equipped with power steering. This rack-and-pinion steering was developed especially for the Pacer and is one of the main reasons for the bad image of the car. Not because of bad steering qualities (the redesigned Pacer steering of later years is highly coveted for use in race cars nowadays) — but because in the first 2 years the units failed frequently because of leaks. Hardly any Pacer of the first years still has the original steering unit. In the later years that problem went away, but: Once the reputation is lost ...

Should you find leaks at the steering unit or hear strange noises when turning the steering wheel, the steering needs to be rebuilt or replaced.


Front Suspension

The front wheels are suspended individually on double control arms. The front suspension needs regular doses of grease, otherwise it's trouble-free.

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