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Exhaust and Pollution Control

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The urge to put a catalytic converter/oxygen sensor system in a classic car is not a problem outside Germany. Nevertheless there are some regulations in most parts of the world, and I'm of the opinion that keeping the air clean should be of everybody's concern, regardless of political regulations. Polluted air smells bad and causes a headache, polluted environment looks bad and makes people plain unhappy. I don't say everybody should put a modern pollution control system on their 20 year old cars, but I say, if you can afford it, consider it.

In the USA, the Pacer was available with "49 States" and "California" emission control systems. The 49 States version had: exhaust gas recirculation, air injection (manual transmissions only) fuel tank vapor control system, crankcase vapor control, thermostatically controlled air cleaner. The California version additionally came with: air injection for automatic transmissions, and catalytic converter. Most states demand that the systems the car was equipped with when it was first registered have to be fully functional, so check for completeness and a fresh emission test certificate.

tank explosion

Be aware that an engine that burns oil (blue smoke), runs too rich (black smoke) or has a bad head gasket (white smoke from coolant getting into the cylinders) won't pass the next emission test, so a tune-up or rebuild is due, and meanwhile it pollutes more than necessary and adds fuel to the fire of people who want to get rid of old cars in favor of modern ones, although their motives may be more inspired by economics than by care for the environment. A clean engine is a good promotion for the old car hobby.

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