AMC Pacer

Windows and Interior

"What's a Pacer with all windows smashed? – Totalled".

Sad, but true. 37% of a Pacer's body are glass — and in any case it should be complete and undamaged. The compound glass windshield tends to get milky at the lower edges. Because it is glued in place, cracks caused by tension are possible. The windshield is the only glass that's still available. Check it thoroughly, as tiny scratches within the wiper radius can cause blinding mostly in rainy night drives and necessitate replacement of the windshield.

None of the other glass is available as new original stock (NOS), so used replacements have to be found which shouldn't be too difficult.


Sitze mit Korbflechtmuster

Regarding the Pacer's interior, everything you heard of other post-war classics is valid. The plastic dashboard hardens through the influence of the sun and tends to crack. The seats were available in vinyl, fabric, and leather. The vinyl is very durable, torn leather can be replaced by a leather shop, and if your Pacer has wrecked fabric seats, you are in the soup. You may be able to get a similar fabric. Otherwise you have to watch out for leather or vinyl seats. A good cloth interior is rare and precious and should by all means be protected with seat covers.

If parts should be missing, you have to go hunting, because most parts are not in any dealer's stock any more. Maybe some dealers who specialize in AMC or the Pacer can help.

Sitting in the car, check all parts and instruments for proper functionality. Clock works? Heater and ventilation buttons and switches do their job? They are vacuum operated, a search for the cause of malfunctions is very difficult. What about the warning lights, power windows, power locks, wiper, washer, horn, headlight switch? Don't forget to check the hood release. It has a tendency to lock, then rip, which sends you to the floor cursing and trying to open the hood from under the car.

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